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Project articulation

WP 1 - From pollution sources to health impacts

  • WP1.A. Assessment of oxidative potential and chemical composition of PM
  • WP1.B. Effects of PM oxidative potential and PM chemical species on epigenetic marks and children health in SEPAGES mother-child cohort
  • WP1.C: Fine-scale modelling of meteorology and pollution stagnation zones

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WP 2 - From behaviours to urban planning

  • WP2.A. Randomized controlled experiment targeting obstacles to shifts in transportation mode
  • WP2.B. Mobility, heating and urban planning: what interactions and impacts on air quality on the long term?

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WP 3 - Support to decision making toward healthier cities

The WP3 will be based on methodologies, tools developed in WP1 and WP2 and on their outputs. This WP will include all the research teams and disciplines involved in the project.

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Submitted on January 25, 2024

Updated on January 25, 2024